Conquer great heights

I’m standing on top of mountains! I’m looking down and realizing what I’m about conquer. I didn’t wind up here by chance. It was by design! I have HEART. PASSION. And most importantly DREAMS! I’ve surrounded myself with the right people. Nothing has been by accident. I dream of this company reaching heights that are way more majestic than this mountain range- My team dreams of these heights. We’re grinding and fighting our way to the top. We might not do everything “perfect” that first time around but we don’t let little failures detour us from winning. With this confidence I can stand on top of the rockies and nod my head that I’ve prepared myself for the future. We’ve woke up at 3am and started working. We’ve stayed at the office long after our competition has gone to bed. We won’t be outworked and we won’t fail to dream! Who are you choosing to surround yourself with? What excuses are you letting rule your life? What are you allowing to hold YOU back? Don’t let your circumstance pin you down into complacency. Join us and decide that today you will rise to the top and achieve whatever is that you want to achieve!

Joshua Lybolt

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