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Joshua Lybolt
President and Co-Founder

A real estate visionary at heart, Joshua Lybolt’s life work has been focused on the pursuit of raising, generating, growing and accumulating wealth himself and for others. When he’s not busy running one of the multi-million dollar real estate companies that he has founded, he studies, writes, and creates disruptive business opportunities.

Joshua overcame many challenges from a young age to get to where he is today. He faced adversity as he dealt with a toxic home environment with financial hardships, a young brother’s death, and family homelessness.  He became independent at 11-years-old and against all odds, set out on his own and broke free from an atmosphere where he was destined to fail. A pinnacle turning point was discovering Tony Robbins. He was tired of dealing with mediocrity and wanted more from life. Joshua came from nothing and went from being a high school dropout to a college professor.

After a successful run as a stock & options broker at TD Waterhouse, Joshua taught finance and economics at Purdue University Calumet where his courses on real estate development are still part of their catalog. His work caught the eye of then-sitting Governor Mitch Daniels, and he was invited to serve as Regional Director for the State of Indiana's Department of Commerce. In that role, he was responsible for working with small businesses to create jobs and growth for the region. Joshua holds an MBA and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Finance from Purdue University.

Joshua and his wife and business partner Magdalena enjoy challenging their two boys to learn, stretch and grow into responsible young men. When not devoting time to his family and businesses, his passions include creative investing, reading, meditation, exercise, exploring new restaurants, traveling to unknown lands to knock experiences off his bucket list.

His ultimate purpose on earth is to improve the quality of life of everyone around him to inspire a better world.

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Every Monday morning, Joshua uploads a Love Your Lifstyl video to YouTube that is distributed to all of Prime Real Estate's Agents!

You can take part in these quick tips, hacks and personal growth tidbits right along with us!


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