The opportunity to start your career in real estate is NOW

The opportunity as a young professional to start your career in real estate is now. You can read the statistics and find that the average age of a Realtor is 57 years old and realize that this profession is dominated by an older generation. A staggering 25% of Realtors are over the age of 65! Percentages don’t become impactful until you put real numbers to them, 290,098 of all Realtors are over the age of 65.

This older generation may be clawing to keep their skin in the game to make those extra dollars for their retirement but it’s just a matter of time before more half of the community of Realtors leave the profession. It may happen faster than one might think. The way business is done is changing rapidly. As the younger generation grows into the career they are finding better and more efficient ways to make money.

Once this older generation leaves you will want to have already established yourself in the business. If you join this career today you will be the expert in the field when this time comes and won’t be playing catch up while all your peers are reaping the benefits!
If you look around our office there are young agents already creating their own concept of success. They simply want to control their fate and have looked to real estate as their career. They are RIGHT on time and positioning themselves correctly in market that is about to change dramatically! You can get your license with our school Prime University! Class starts April 5th. Don’t be late to a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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